Lauhala knitting

The leaves of Hala (Hala) are collected, the thorns are removed, and leis, Kupe’e (Kupe’e: bracelet), and Pale (Pale: mat) are made from the Hala.

In Japan, hara refers to the takonoki tree. Its native areas are in the Izu Islands, Kyushu, Okinawa, and the Nansei Islands.

In the lesson, we will make kuka’a from the collected hala leaves (lau hala), tear them, and teach you how to weave them.
There are many ways to weave, so learning is not easy.

Create a simple Pale (Pale). Used for Ipheke
Creating rolled Kuka'a. Preparation of lauhala
Practice the basic method of Rauhala Breathless Red
Creating Lei Po'o in Lauhala